Complete Review Samsung Galaxy Sky

Complete Review Samsung Galaxy Sky – Hp viewpoint on the phone is quite good thanks to the IPS panel. While blacks are not as deep as that seen on the AMOLED screen, we do not have a big problem with the Samsung Galaxy Sky. Backlight bleeding controlled properly. When watching a HD movie details out as well. The screen has a glossy surface so that the dark scenes, the screen can be very reflective. Sunlight legibility is quite good as well. Gionee Marathon M3 is equipped with an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

The camera is straight forward. You get the standard settings menu, unlike the advanced menu / simplified we have seen with high end phones Gionee. The default interface of the camera is clean. but you can go into the settings menu, if you want to play. Offers creative filters, frames, ability to adjust white balance and so on. You also have a HDR mode, but buried deep in the settings. I would love to see a direct button to turn on HDR mode as with most camera phones Android.


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